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Creator of CheMinistry

Chanel N. Scott is the creator of CheMinistry, a relationship platform. A prominent figure in the romantic relational sphere, Chanel moderates a panel discussion that features celebrity and influential guests who share through experiential knowledge or expertise as it relates to the topic at hand. Notably the Queen of Relationship Talk, she evokes transparent and candid dialogue on relational topics specifically geared toward fostering healthy relationships between men and women. As the dialogue ensues, the panelists engage their audience in a series of intimate exchange and compelling conversation.

Chanel was born in Henderson, North Carolina, but she was raised in Newark, New Jersey and Henderson, North Carolina as her parents sustained a “co-parenting” relationship in both places. An Alumna of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Chanel is a visionary.

In order to appreciate CheMinistry, you must understand the woman behind it, you must understand how she viewed the world, the struggles she faced, and the enormous giants she had to fight through to get herself and the brand (one and the same) to where it is today. You see, CheMinistry is not just another artistic and innovative idea. It’s a philosophy, a state of mind, a collage of experiences that emerged out of Chanel's life. It rivets the mind and the senses. CheMinistry is the epitome of an interwoven process that tells a grand story from the visionary’s journey to its next relationship platform.




Josh Powell is a 2x NBA Champion with the Los Angeles Lakers and Co-Captain for BIG3's Killer 3s. After retiring from the NBA in 2018, he ventured out into the romantic relational sphere and partnered with Chanel Scott as co-creator of a weekly syndicated podcast, Relationship Status. Josh’s stance is to change the narrative on the so-called complexities in romantic relationships. Josh is also 1/2 of CheMinistry, a relationship platform.

Josh was born in Charleston, South Carolina, but he was raised in College Park, Georgia by way of Riverdale, Georgia. He attended North Carolina State University before leaving after his sophomore year to play professional basketball. Josh’s perspective on relationships is different than most due in part to the tremendous exposure that he’s gained traveling the world while playing basketball. A man with incredible compassion, love and a HUGE heart— his experiences personally and professionally has gifted him to see the broader picture. Josh embraces nuance and multiple perspectives by not focusing on the negative parts of the conflict in relationships but rather reflecting thoughtfully on the lessons learned through the test or trial. He has the capacity to hold two opposing viewpoints and reconcile them for the situation at hand. His belief is the only way to get love is by creating it, which starts with giving and receiving—everyday. It takes work, vulnerability, acceptance and many of the uncomfortable things that make true love so scarce. Josh’s motto is “If it’s worth it, fight for it”.